Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby dress, hat and bloomers (McCall's 4424)

Ok, this dress is very special to me for many reasons. The most important reason is that it is the first outfit I have made for our new baby girl (due in September!!). The Laura Ashley pattern was just too adorable in the store to pass up and it was a complete impulse buy (hence the reason I am trying to sell some of these outfits... oh, the addiction of patterns and fabric!). I also wanted to find a pattern with a really good pattern for underwear (sorry, my vocal chords can't get the word "panties" out). I haven't made the underwear yet but I will as soon as I get some more elastic. I am working on making the bows, but gathering that small amount of fabric is pretty hard. I know they will look adorable once I finish them though! I am going to make Isabelle a matching gathered vertical paneled dress in the same fabric or maybe a romper since it is going to be winter when the baby will be wearing this.

What was really cute was that Isabelle wanted to put the dress on her bear today and that was actually pretty perfect since I don't have a baby model to put the dress on yet.

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  1. Okay - I see the difficulty in saying "panties" - but really - can they be underwear if they are worn over diapers?